When the Gates Swing Open
by Otis Clay

Lead: verse I
Through the years
I keep on toiling, …….
Lord I am Toiling through the storm and rain,
lord… I am patiently waiting and watching
for the Saviour to comes again.
Lord ………..
I am coming home , Lord,
Everyday I keep trusting in your word,
and Lord Keep

Choir: Keep me from the paths of sin,
Lead: Every day of my life
Lead: Oh
Choir: hide me in your love,
Lead: hide me
And when it all over I want you write my name above
Lead: oh when
Choir: When the Gate swing open
Lead: When the gates swing open
I might be burden down that day .. oh
Choir: I’ll walk right in

Lead verse II
Lead talking:
Here’s what I say when I am all by myself…….

Teach me how to treat my neighbor,
everyday I want you to Teach me how to love my friend,
Lord, Fill me, fill me with your Holy Spirit,
Until the saviour, I am waiting on Jesus to comes again


Lead: Oh
Chior: Hide me in thy love,
Lead: hide me Please Lord
Oh, when it all over write my name above,
chior: OOOOOO
lead: oh When
choir ;When the gates swing open, let me in
Lead: When the gates swing open, oh father

Lead verse III
Lead talking: I heard the saint say these word

Lord I am tired,
and my soul needs resting
Oh I am so tired of being burk and scorn
Friends talked about me and my enemies misuse me
I keep marching on, until you come and carried me home

Choir: Hide me in your love
Lead: hide me, Hide me, father when it all over
Please write my name above
Oh when
Choir: When the gates swing Open
Lead: oh When the gates father
Choir: When the gates swings open
Lead: I may be burden down
Choir: When the gates Swings open
Lead: I know you will be there to met there that morning
Choir: When the gates Swing open
Lead: With arms wide open
Choir: When the gates swing open
Lyrics submitted by pamela landry.