When I Miss You
by Corina

Every night before I slept
I prayed as I wept
For the angels to grant me just one wish
I guess this was too much to ask
First the weeks came then months passed
Held on to memories of your words
Which went like this

When I miss you
And you're so far away
I just close my eyes
And I can see your face

When I miss you
The darkness in your eyes
Talks of so much love
You used to feel for me inside

I guess that now you'll never know
How much I could have loved you so
In my heart your name remains
A prayer song
In time when things were made to last
History repeats the past
I'll be waiting you'll return
'Til then I'm strong

No one can ever love
You babe the way I've done
'Cause I see right through your eyes
Close my eyes
You are mine
When I miss you
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