What Could Be Better
by 33Miles

I’ve heard it said today/Is all we’re
given/Tomorrow may not come/So
you’d better start livin’/I guess it
all depends/On your point of view/
Pardon me if I/I just don’t listen/To
everything the world/Says I’m missin’/
There’s nothing here and now/I’m
gonna hold on to/Hold on to/ I’m livin’
in the days ahead/I’m already dancing
on the streets of gold/And I can’t
stop celebrating in my soul ‘cause/I’m
livin’ in the days ahead/Nothing on
earth could ever compare/I can’t wait
for the day that I get there/When I
see Jesus face to face/Tell me what
could be better/Tell me what could
be better/If home is where the heart
is/Then I’m in heaven/It’s a promise
of tomorrow/That I’ve been given/And
who is waiting there/I am living for/
He’s everything I love/And I believe
in/And I can hardly wait/Just to see
Him/And hear Him say well done/I
couldn’t ask for more/I couldn’t ask
for more/I’m singin’ now/Chorus/Life
is full of ups and downs/Inside outs/
Round and rounds/You can’t blame me
for dreamin’ about it/Chorus/What
could be better ...
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