We Need to Thank God
by Inspirations

We need to thank God

We need to thank God for all that we had
The cross, the Word, and the blood of the Lamb
A Savior who prays, a Spirit who stays
Sealing us until redemption day
A heavenly Father who care for our needs
Provider of all the gift we recieve
I don't know about you, buy fried I believe
We need to thank God

We think that life should always be fair
We make a mistake when we try to compare
Sure God is concerned about what we need
But there's more than what's here, there's eternity
The grass is not greener on the other side
Since the Garden of Eden, that's been Satan's lie
We need to confess how much we've been blessed
We need yo thank God

The evil, they swim in an ocean of gain
While the righteous drown in a river of pain
And sometimes it seems that God doesn't care
That the wicked get wealthy, while His people dispare
But there's an appointment that all men will keep
Those souls without God will ripe what they reap
When we consider their end And the wages of sin
We need to thank God
Lyrics submitted by Pixie Bash.