We Need Some Quiet Time
by Lil Wayne

o baby yea c3 sweet heart cartyer tray

i get so deep in dat pussy i touch the back of your soul
u gotta man i bet i can make u pack up and roll(yea)
lets ride like we attached to the road
and if we on da same track i hope we crash and explode
where do the passionate goes
i beat it up forever girl i'll take a national oath
nobody knows wat goes on behind the latch on da door
and if u throw it to me baby ima cathc it and score
i be there right,right,right wen she call me she got that shit that i just cant avoid
so addictive and she kno i'll do anything dat she tell me i am her personal sex toy
and then i pop a bottle of that crys i had a glass she had a glass i had a glass she had a glass aggin
then she was ready got to it one time two times hit me up and i'll tap that ass aggin
( i tell her
momma u wine fine momma u momma u momma,momma u wine fine we need some quiet time.chorus 2x
Lyrics submitted by Samantha.