We Don't Die
by Twiztid

We ain't underground by accident
There's only a select few that can handle this
Apparition of a poltergeist
Blessed with a heart but it's cold as ice, and broken twice
Now i walk with an axe, dressed in all jet black with contacts
Straight maniac
Warlock, Samhain, and Salem's Lot
Sand through the hourglass tickin off the clock

If ya don't know by now it's too late
We the most serious thing on the market since date rape
We the dead, we don't explain or feel pain
Keep it underground to maintain
Bitch you betta check nutz
I'm doin voodoo in 66 in 6 months
Ridin in a digged out hearse with gold spokes
Puffin on a 2 ton blunt with dead folks and it's like that

Axe murdera's, we don't die
Serial killa's, we don't die
Freaks of the night, we don't die
We get high, we don't die

Comin up outta the ground from the underground tunnel I dug
To keep away from the mainstream lover
Just want somebody to move and get hurt
Got your hole dug deep in the dirt
Can't work with you bitch mufucka's makin love to the press
With a bitch name tatted on your chest
Me and motherfuckin Madrox, haunt the joint
Bringin death to the people that don't get the point
We don't die

Uh-huh we unreal, just like a 7 dolla bill
Voice ma opinion regardless of how you feel
Freak shit
It ain't about bein rich it's about Juggalos and runnin with lunitics
As long as ya'll rock this we won't quit
We do it all for ya'll, I mean that shit
Everyone of ya'll means everything to me
We bleed for ya'll, that's why we call it family

Axe murdera's, we don't die
Serial killa's, we don't die
Freaks of the night, we don't die
We get high, we don't die

It's hard to explain the element of my
Self inflicted pain
We not positive and upliftin
Fuck You
Walk a mile in our shoes
Experience hard times and payin helly dues
Freak shit
What I did, what I breathe
Cast out Mutant X like his disease
Still they try and ban our sound
Cuz supposedly it would be resurrecting the dead from under hollow ground

You in the dead zone, 10 points for us
You smell the cigarette smoke right before your lungs bust
You can't trust em, but I could bust em in half
Sit back and laugh at all the shit I did
Can you do that
Could you school that
Better yet I'm the wigged out serial killa
Type war death
Freakshow, different from all the rest
But I
Love it though, put you to the test

(Chorus x4, fades)
Lyrics submitted by Cody.