Voodoo Punanny
by Joe Rogan

When I first found voodoo I was in my 20's
I was workin' at a club and tryin' to be funny
Met a sweet girl named Ilene she had the nicest legs I'd ever seen

We had a few laughs and a few white russians
laughs turned into feelin' and touchin'

We started to kiss and she said I think your nice let me take you back to my place and ruin your life

It was voodoo

I thought Ilene was just bein' playful but that's before she licked my naval
I was tryin' to think of somethin' cool to say when she ripped off her lingerie
She climbed on top and I lost my breath
and when she squeezed it tight she nearly scared me to death

Just one night with her changed my world
Ilene was no ordinary average girl
she had ultra hot fox mammy jammy
nuclear hot powered voodoo punanny

And to this day when I'm alone with vasoline
you can bet I'm thinkin' about Ilene

Voodoo ... punanny got the voodoo .. doesn't matter what you do

you can't resist the power it holds
so listen very closely to the story I've told
It's the reason women drink free martinis
the reason old men buy lamborghinis

There was a girl named Lola and a guy named Sam
He fancied him self an ambitious man
Straight to the top was where Sam was destined
But that was before he saw Lola's breast
and touched her thigh her skin was creamy
kissed her lips so moist and dreamy

Took off their clothes and started to do the act
and Sam nearly had him self a heart attack
you see Lola's voodoo's extra strong they fornicated all night long
When mornin' came he called the office
think I've found a better offer

You can keep the job he said " I resign and I'll take Lola from behind"
now Sam works all day pumpin' gas day dreamin' of lovely Lola's ass
He gets off at five every night and ?? ??? till day light

Voodoo ... punanny got the voodoo...doesn't matter what you do

you can't resist the power it holds
so listen very carefully to the story I've told
Punanny got magic punanny got power
It's the only reason men buy flowers

Did ya ever meet man with a bitchy wife ?
wonder why the guy wanna ruin his life
By bein' married to a woman that's mean to him
Well I'm gonna tell you somethin' so listen kid

When the lights go down and the candles flame
i bet that woman doesn't act the same
I bet you what she got is really sweet
Bet you that girl is packin' heat
When he gets her alone whips out his bannana
She gives him a dose of the voodoo punanna

you ain't gonna forget it You can't ignore it
no matter where you look there ain't no cure for it
don't waste your time tryin' to run and hide
voodoo haunts you every night


Daddy I'm scared

you should be son it's good to fear
Cause if it wasn't for voodoo you wouldn't be here

I never wanted kids

but that was your mamma's idea

She tricked me with voodoo
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