Richard himko


Richard himko
Any one on
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hello :)
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Richard himko
country road
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Richard himko
How Do I fucken add friends on the new lyrics
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Richard himko
Nickelback - Lullaby
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Richard himko
Maybe I'm a fool but I'm still falling Asking heaven above me For an angel to love me The rest of my life After all the changing seasons Have turned
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Richard himko
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Richard himko
Me:I want to get laid. Lol. My best girl friend:Umm, ha i can't help with that one. Me:I know. Lol. My best girl friend: That one is out of my hand
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Richard himko
single on Valentines day, anyone want to have fun, meet me in Walmart in Scranton, pa. (taylor)
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i LoVe YoU tHiS BIG
heyy send me a message
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Richard himko


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