Jess Carrick


Jess Carrick
Jordon can go die in a fuckijng whole ... i trusted him more than anything and what does he do ... cheats on me ... yep fuck you Jordon fuck you
Like · Apr 11 at 11:05pm
Jess Carrick
wow this cyclone Ita scared alot of people especially me ... was a category 5 and by the time it hit me it turnrd into a cattegory 1 ... okay then and it was massive i need to mention
Like · Apr 11 at 11:03pm
Jess Carrick
once again fuck everything up i give up on my fucking life wish i was fucking dead everyone would be happy
Like · Apr 02 at 9:41pm
Jess Carrick
i want to get a bullet for my valintine , dan sperry , skillet, breaking benjamin hoodie so bad off E Bay
Like · Mar 25 at 6:05pm
Jess Carrick
oh wow that sucks well at my school we just get told off by the teachers
Like · Mar 23 at 9:21pm
Jess Carrick
well those who come from Asian contries and Europe cant lol
Like · Mar 23 at 9:00pm
Jess Carrick
most people are Australian and speak english lol
Like · Mar 23 at 8:58pm
Jess Carrick
why is that?
Like · Mar 23 at 8:57pm
Jess Carrick
i am
Like · Mar 23 at 8:54pm
Jess Carrick
yep my year 12 grade are idiots for getting jackets they look like crap and they are sooo hot yep thanks year 12 the jersey would have been great ... better
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Jess Carrick

Queensland Australia

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