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Alex Martinez
you a hoe geneva talkin about she so depress that she need have baby dont even no who the father of the baby is and FUCK THAT NIGGA NAME BLUE HER BF HE UGLY just like her
Like · Jul 22 at 4:07pm
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
You're jealous af of her cousin your dead ass cousin loved her more than you :)
2 Likes · Jul 17 at 11:01am
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Obviously Erick would Alex leave her Tf alone you insane idiot!
2 Likes · Jul 17 at 11:00am
Alex Martinez
im not gay I don't suck dick bitch and Geneva ugly who would date her
1 Like · Jul 09 at 7:09am
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Alex sucks dick for jogging pants ♥
1 Like · Jul 02 at 7:37pm
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Bitch I'm done talking to your dumb faggot ass . She looks better than you & says the pussy getting buck behind a computer screen. Maaan eat my pussy you fake faggot muthafucker. :)
1 Like · Jul 02 at 7:36pm
Alex Martinez
idgaf if she have a big ass or not really u talk all that bullshit and u no u aint about that life
1 Like · Jul 01 at 2:56pm
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
I'm done with this shit I'm deleting . -.-
1 Like · Jun 30 at 9:08am
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
& jusss so you fucking know , Geneva gave her heart to him & got it broken , let's get that correct , she bowed down to him & wanted to keep fuckin with his lil ex so she left him & moved on to bigger & better things . That's one , two how dare you speak upon her dead child bitch ? Yo ma should've swallowed yo ass when she had you . Too bad you mad af over baby cause she was BLESSSED with another . EYKISS MARIE PACHECOO FOR LIFE . One more thing , you rude pussy ass boy , YOU CREEPY af for even being in they business . What you want some Geneva pussy too ? You all on her fat ass booty about her life , when yo ass should be lookin for yours . You disgust me , tell Erick & your fucking self to have visual facts straight before lying & faking deaths . You know shit about Geneva or her life , Tf ? Where Tf was your DR. MLK marching ass when she sat up & cried about Erick talkin to her like she was a damn kid ! She would sit & take abusive ass words for him & feel bad like it was HER fault . Like Tf I said , you know shit about her ! & she don't have to look that pretty to you , you ain't shit to look at you degrassi gay boy reject . She might have a baby but niggas STILL holla at her , single mom & all . SOO before you go on yo lil punk ass rampage get some back up on your facts . Cause at the end of the day , you fired up & made & she over here shopping online for her baby a micheal kors pacifier . IM DONE HERE .
3 Likes · Jun 28 at 7:38pm
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Me & geneva haven't been here in months so try a new excuse as to why he 'died' or whatever.
1 Like · Jun 28 at 6:06pm
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