Brenda Pachecoo ♥


Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Alex you know shit about me. My pussy stinks but you never have even came near it & if you did id make you the straightest man in America. Second, your moms dead.. so? I think you're a damn liar, cause for someone who has nobody you sure be on lyrics a lot. I'm pretty sure you got family all up & threw your house you just want everybody to be said SO face it. YOUR STILL MAD & I'm happy with my peoples. You should kill yourself your life is a book full of jokes. Take several seats \_ bitch.
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Alex Martinez
u dont even no my ex gf so STFU and leave my mom outta of this cuz she died 2 mounth ago BITCH and ur pussy stinks nasty and quick putting a miley face like its funny cuz i dont think its funny HOE and i dont want no sex from bitch aint loyal
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Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Btw my pussy is nothing like your dirty mom so I'm pretty sure you want to fuck me :)
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Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Lmfao your gay Alex. You proved me right I'm done arguing with you, so be mad while I go cuff yo pretty ass 'ex girlfriend' you used as a cover up to stay in the closet :)
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Alex Martinez
I don't want you at all and ur pussy probably aint even clean probably smell like rawr fish and shit u high anyways dumbass AND UR PUSSSY 2 TIGHT U NEED A PUSSY MOSAGE
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Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Still talking shit huh? That's cute :) btw never have I dated someone old.. your facts are wrong, you still mad, I'm high off this blunt laughing at you & if I wanted you I could have you. Please eat my pussy so you can shut your mouth ♥
Like · Aug 16 at 3:29pm
Alex Martinez
nigga u lyin getn that shit outta over there fuckin old dudes nasty ass hoe
Like · Aug 15 at 2:48pm
Brenda Pachecoo ♥
I want to be your booo crystal ♥
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Brenda Pachecoo ♥
Actually, Alex Geneva does know who her baby's father is? But I can feel your anger towards why you are hating on her and a 6 MONTH baby, neither of your parents give a toe and a penny about you so your mad . If Geneva is ugly why did Erick want her? It's not surely to fuck her because she's in New York and he's where? Right. If I'm not mistaken Id think you were jealous af of her life? Cause look at it like this, your saying ALL these negative things that she doesn't give a fuck about. She's over here laughing and looking for designer paci's for her babygirl and your miserable talking shit on a computer. She's working and getting money, you tryna beef when what you need to realize is she not being bothered with you cause she's too busy making money. She loves her life regardless what you say, cause if she wanted she could have Erick back . Stay miserable while she get blessed . Ima pray for you :)
Like · Aug 07 at 9:00am
Alex Martinez
you a hoe geneva talkin about she so depress that she need have baby dont even no who the father of the baby is and FUCK THAT NIGGA NAME BLUE HER BF HE UGLY just like her
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Brenda Pachecoo ♥

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