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ghost T$
sept 28 2012 i met my life the girrl of my dreams thats the day i actually had something to b thankful about i loved her more than i even knew words couldnt explain shes perfect and she knows it i fucked up all the way i lost my fucking love myy fucking life and it hurts like fuck i been thru soo much but this hurts the most ummm im kinda speechless but ily sooo much ash bye soo glad ur happy sept28-12 the day i can never forget the day that i ...ugh bye ashley always kn i loved u i still do but u deserve better
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ghost T$
Unmm ash I need to tlk to u ASAP
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ghost T$
Just got out the hospital bae sorry haven't been on cant really type like that gotta go ly
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ghost T$
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ghost T$
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ghost T$
I love a freak
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damn...i dont even know what to say about you. you were my smile when i need to be happy and you were my best friend when i thought i was going to lose mine. whatever i need you to be you're always there for me and you never complain. when we first got together you said you would quit your sports if you couldnt talk to me (which was stupid) lol i dont want you to change anything about you for me or anyone else. this might sound typical but to me youre perfect and i really do mean that. you got just the right amount of niceness, sexiness, goofiness, and freakiness that makes you the perfect man for me lol thats right i sad MAN because thts what you are, you take care of me like a man would take care of his wife. you make me feel like im the most important person on this earth. there's never a moment with you that i dont feel wanted or beautiful, you always tell me exactly what i need to hear to keep going in life. i love every second that im talking to you. this might sound crazy but even when we fought, sometimes i would just think "wow i really love him" i never thought i would feel this way about you and i bet nobody thought we would last but now im standing here telling you baby i love you...scratch that. IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! & i never wanna let you go. no matter how cheesy this sounds, i love you more than life itself, and you know its true because we've both been through a lot of stuff and we tell each other everything and you know that if it wasnt for you, we wouldnt be here telling each other the things that we are right now. i literally love you to death baby, dont ever change...if you do i'll kill you lmao. oh and im not a geek you faggot lmao im a SEXY geek. get it right ;)
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ghost T$
I just fuckng realized how n love I am with her she. Would never kn how much i love her because words can't describe but I cn. Show u ;) but baby girl I want u to kn that u have my heart your fuckin face is engraved n my heart not taped not glued not fucking attached but fuckin engraved because it will never leave nobody will ever take your spot u r the best girl friend anybody could have u r beautiful funny n athletic n u actually love me what more cn I ask for just kn I will never ever fuckin leave u or let u go ASHLEY IM N LOVE WITH YOU BABY GIRL IM FALLING DEEP N I HOPE I NEVER GET UP BEIN WITH U N TLKING TO U IS LIKE LIVING N A FUCKING DREAM BABY GIRL I gotta say more but I'm done ily baby girl to the moon back ;) n I will never let your geeky ass go !!
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ghost T$
Im sorry please im fine bae
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