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Like · Fri at 7:50am
ghost T$
wat sje just said made my dat i love her to death
1 Like · Thu at 9:44pm
ghost T$
Like · Tue at 3:53pm
ghost T$
Bae imu so fuckin much damn girl
Like · Apr 12 at 2:50pm
ghost T$
busted my damn knee today all i could think about was my baby
Like · Apr 09 at 6:44pm
ghost T$
Like · Apr 08 at 5:20pm
ghost T$
My baby back on this bitch yoo
2 Likes · Mar 29 at 6:53pm
ghost T$
i love you more ash
Like · Mar 03 at 2:58pm
ghost T$
i already tld u y bae i really need u rite now i swear i dont have nobody
1 Like · Mar 03 at 2:45pm
ghost T$
hes more than what you think_ thats bae yall fr _ who says shit like that about your cousin sorry for bein jealous its just so easy to lose u i gotta b
Like · Mar 03 at 2:36pm
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