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Cole Watts
Be who you are and don't let society's standard of beauty affect you because everyones beautiful whether they know it or not :)
1 Like · Yesterday at 9:37pm
Cole Watts
I saw two girls argueing today and one girl was like "atleast I don't have a camel toe" lmao that's probably one of the funniest insults I've ever heard
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Cole Watts
Like · Thu at 1:37pm
Cole Watts
got a fiat today :) LOL i'm spoilt and good looking ;)
Like · Apr 05 at 11:14pm
Cole Watts
Lulu-lemon sweats are super comfy :)
Like · Apr 04 at 8:02pm
Cole Watts
I'm all about that FIAT life :)
Like · Apr 03 at 10:13pm
Cole Watts
I'm going to New York and Nashville next year :)
1 Like · Apr 02 at 8:15pm
Cole Watts
spring break!!
Like · Mar 31 at 11:26am
Cole Watts
my parents arent rich they only have 4.5 million dollars
1 Like · Mar 13 at 9:28am
Cole Watts
i think girls with curves are a lot more attractive than girls that are super skinny
2 Likes · Mar 12 at 11:53am
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Cole Watts


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