Bitches Love Ty&Ash


Bitches Love Ty&Ash
life without you used to not be an option...but is it time to reconsider my choices
Like · Sun at 9:33pm
Bitches Love Ty&Ash
being able to call someone mine makes me so happy, mainly because most of yall cant
Like · Apr 11 at 5:54pm
Bitches Love Ty&Ash
i shine brighter than all yall bitches so dont try to dim my star and bring me down cuz yall aint pullin like i do. its called bein real. you be real wit a nigga and you'd be surprised at what you get. i got the finest, nicest, most caring nigga on this bitch and yall dont even know half the stuff we been through together. yea we may fight, we've broken up, we've made up, there was cheating, there was lying, but at the end of the day when we stopped givin a fuck about the outside shit we got stronger. try that, try getting stronger with one man before you move on to fuck another one. so thats my advice to yall. to all yall hatin hoes who tryna make me seem like im overrated or like i have the "perfect" relationship, try to fix your business before you get into mine. if you would be real for once in your life, you'll attract a real man. Sorry yall i had to break out the sermon lol
1 Like · Apr 08 at 9:35pm
Bitches Love Ty&Ash
that akward fuckin moment when you get a compliment then you text back and then they dont text you back. like bitch why tell me those wonderful things if you were gunna end the convo ughhh #ShitRonnieDoes
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
i hope i rember all this shit in the morning. i probably wont but heyyy at least i can look at it
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
lovin this life this is what it feels like when someone gives a shit about you? i kinda like this better than bein forgotten. take care of me tonight bae
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
i want another drink! took a few shots now im floatin to the moon but i aint done yet. as long as bae keeps buyin the drinks ima keep turnin up! fuck we gotta turn down for!? we aint got shit to do tomorrow, he gon love me til the world ends
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
bruhhh me and tyrus fuckin turnin up man!!! he said i deserved to go out so we been at it for a while. this shit is hazy man we out here fuckin shit up! the world aint ready for us and neither are these bitches tryna hate! fbgm i fuckin love tyrus!! he's my fuckin heart
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
i miss my babies stosha and crystal!! they were the mains over everybody idc who it was, they were over them. UGHH both of them were bae
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash
i just need to know we not gon fall off
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Bitches Love Ty&Ash


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