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Lol I can't
2 Likes · Apr 09 at 8:06am
I just don't know what to say. You have left me speechless.
1 Like · Apr 08 at 11:24am
Awe Ali I can see how much u like her it's freaking adorable!
1 Like · Apr 08 at 11:19am
But why? I dont do anything to make you this crazy about me. I'm just me.
1 Like · Apr 07 at 8:03am
Ali no you don't bother me at all! Please don't leave! That's so sweet of you to say that. like for real. I have tears in my eyes :')
2 Likes · Apr 03 at 6:25am
You say that you only love one girl and its not Taylor...who is it?
1 Like · Apr 01 at 7:54am
Your "girlfriend" needs to back off me. She keeps sayin im flirting with you..ugg that bitch pisses me off.
1 Like · Apr 01 at 7:53am
Ali Al-Mkahal
i only love one girl and shes not you taylor
Like · Mar 31 at 6:13pm
Ali Al-Mkahal
lol what the hell you girls are talking about deja did we was dating ? or do you want me to say the truth ?
Like · Mar 31 at 6:10pm
Ali Al-Mkahal
lol what thing ?
Like · Mar 31 at 6:07pm
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