how da hell do i change the song
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thanks for accepting me
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looking for that song that makes me think...yeah thats it
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Hi Liza, I recieved your message. Thank you for your opinions, your very respected for this. I however have one question, What does Hitler have to do with Black or color ? He killed Jews...I am from Germany and in my heritage and YES i am proud to be WHITE.So we like the same music COOL...Go ahead and remove me from your friends list if it is not what you like? I am teaching those such as KCP because he yerns for the betterment of knowledge in history. Guess what all my quotes are from the true source and shall not be judged, because it may NOT judge its past history bacause it is written and it does replay itself.By the way do you know your heritage? and as for GOD he blessed me with a lot of knowledge of what i know that is REAL.You need to read more REAL BOOKS then King or Knoontz. Read about history. Blondi oio
Like · Dec 17, 2008 at 4:52pm
thank you for your comment on Hitler thats how you feel thats what I like to hear..Different opinions are a good conversation dont you think?
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Can you please comment on my pictures? Speak your mind...Thank you..
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thanks for the requset... ;)
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Hey liza, How ARe You?? Thanks for the Request :) big kisss
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