by Of Mice & Men

Friend of mine, I've tried a revolution,
Everyone's screaming, it's not fair.
It's not fair.

I'll be the Romeo, you play the Juliet.
The sun won't set, until you appear.
Cause I know you're the one, my love, my love.

What light through this window breaks?
So bright, so bright.
My life, just for one more day.
So bright, You're so bright.
Fall fast.
The course of love never did run smooth.
I'll try.I'll try to dream on my own tonight.

We will meet in the moonlight.
Meet in the moonlight,
This is not pretend, don't play the end.
I know you're real and not just a book I read.
Soon I will show you how a heart can never fail,
Never change.

I'll never change.

If music be the food of love, play on, play on.
Lyrics submitted by Stephany Tisch.