That's What Little Girls Are Made Of
by Raven-Symoné

Take a pick, wide kick
A Dr. Seuss mix
A ting-a-ling-a boom
A pop for ya pick
Shazam! To jam, the little rap
Zut til ya tut tut, the middle rock flash
Gobble, zoom! Got'ma Got'ma lyric
Hung for the double, Hut kid uh huh
Dag, who touched the switch to my all that
Twiddle Dee, Bubble bee, hit the funky that
Who's gonna play, back for show and tell
Ya only have a love so i call him fairy tale
Momma dukes on my living ruce for the love said Raven
This is what little girls are made of!

Well see, I’m the Rave
Uh! The R.A.V.E.N
And when i start rawl'lin i could float to the fin
I could get laid back on your knack, paddy whack
Give a dog a mic, and have some candy, hand it back
Roll'em over, roll'em over bake him in the pan
I’m the little girl who baked the ginger bread man
Understand? diggy, diggy done you understood.
And you could thank me cause your my kind of jam.
Chris Hoddler's druff
Shawn had his duck
And gold gotter's sing
Somebody's on the swing
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This is what girls are made of
Sugar and spice and I’m the one who's nice
I got more rhymes then Cosby got shows
I got more nose then humpty got knows
I support the women of Zacka
Shajca on my backa
I bought 8 dolls and my hands in my pants
Fo' Shagga

Not try’ in to diss why criss cross to criss
Criss cross's the rain and now but the Rave makes them twist
Like the hosipine jump
Raven gonna pump
From the phat beat maker to the great rump shaker
Come and talk to me, from the jojo to see
Remince, if you'd like to be with Mary b.
So I am not the one, not the one to play
But get your ball and your bat cause this song is a hit
People see what I see, and see what I bring
And if you like the reggae then you ting-a-ling-a-ling
So if you'd like to see me, then honey don’t shove
Cause I’m a ball of sugar, and this is what I’m made of
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