Take the flesh from me
Put it on display

We've got mouths to feed
I'm sick of runnin' away

I can't believe my eyes
I'm terrified

Night of death
and some say end of times

Take a piece of me tonight
and soon I'll be
Comin', comin', comin' for

You, every time we touch
Yeah you know you got me
On pins and needles

Oh it's not about the lust
Now you know you got me
On pins and needles

We're already dead (3x)

I love the way that you bleed
It's drippin' over me
My tongue is lovin' the taste
Of skin between my teeth

It's like a dead masquerade
So come dance with me
My flesh, it starts to decay
I'm droppin' to my knees

You had me in a trance
My end of days

I'm where the worms crawl
Dead people play
And now I know it's my soul that is fading

Fading, decaying
Pushing up daises
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