usher whoaaaaaa kell oooooooooooooooooooo
Verse 1:
yo ush
wat up kell
R Kelly: i want to introduce to this girl think i really love this girl man she so fine (straight up dog) she stand about 5 4 . Coco Cola red bone (DAMN). She drives a black derango. License plate say angel. Tatoo on her ankle. Plus she's making pacels. She got a crib on Beechstreet (Beechstreet). Right on 17th street (UH) and i call her TT.
Usher: Wait a minute hold on dog. Do she got a kid (yep). Loves some Waffle House (yep). Do she got a beauty mark on the left side of her mouth (MAN). Went to Georgia Tech (yep). Works for TBS (yep). Man i can't believe shit DAMN.
R KellY: Tell me whats wrong dog what the hell you DAMNIN about. Im your homie, soldia say whats on your mind.
Man I didn't kno dat yo were talking about her. So you saying yo kno her? Do i kno her like a pastor knos his word.
We messin wit da same gurl (3x). She was the apple in my eye and my potential wife. DIVA. The same gurl(3x). Man I can't believe we've been messin with the same gurl(3x). Thought she was someone i could trust but she been doublin up with us. U K man we been messin with the same gurl
Verse 2:
See I met her at this party in Atlanta. (Ay,Ay). Well I met her at this party in Chicago (Oh,Oh). She came right up to me giving me conversation. I said do you got a man she said no with no hesitation. Well it must be a music thing cuz she said the same to me and her body all in my face. While im laughing and pourin drinks. She whispered in my ear and said can you take me home (me 2). Man she was in the shot singing the same song (is that true). I thought it was true confessions when she said i want you. Look i even got some pictures on my fone and there she is with some boi shorts on.
Verse 3:
Said she got me on her ringtone. Are you talking about the pink fone? MMHH. The blue one. Man she told me that was turned off. Its obvious that shes playin us(playin us). Ush constantly she been lien to us (lien to us). Don't like the ways he been going about it (going about it) couz what you think we should do about it (about it). Im cal her up at her home. She wont kno im on da fone. Yeah man thats the way. We about to bust this trick man just as i told her id meet with you and im gona show up too and shes not going to know wha to do. We going be standin there singing. Same gurl(3x) She was the apple in my eye and your potential wife. Same gurl(3x) And i cant believe weve been messin with the same gurl(3x). She going to be lookn so stupid when seh sees us together. U K man weve been with the same gurl(3x). See she was taking flights (Ay) back and forth (Ay). I would pick her up (Ay) at the airport. Man I really cant believe weve been messin with the same gurl (3x) same gurl (3x).
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