Camp Rock
by Disney

It's Your boy Barron
And the place to be
It's crazy
Came rock with me!

Couldn't wait to leave,
But nw i hate to go
Last day of camp,
Packing my bags slow

Made so many friends,
Why does it have to end
In the end its to a win,
Becasue we grown so close together

Remember when we first met,
First day
Figured this would be no fun,
No way
And now its time to leave, (leave)
But now we wanna stay,

Hasta la vista!
I'm gonna say goodbye to you
Whatever happens I'll be cool with you
Wanna give me you number I'll call ya
Promise i won't forget ya
Hasta la vista
We'll all be going seprate ways
Say everything you didn't say
This is your moment, before you go
Come on now get up and show them
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