Baby Girl
by Z-Ro

(Verse 1) You aint nothing like my last chick,
Matta of fact you got me hoping this relationship can last.
i Ask no questions cause I feel like I've been granted my wish,
It's been a long time since a brotha felt like this
I'm not going to the club tonight I'm staying home
Me and my woman and some Isley's brothers and citrus patron
My hommies they be laughing at me tellin me that im sprung
But im in the zone when it comes to lil momma i cause she the one.
What I really love about her she dont even need a man
But she follow my lead and respect the fact i wear the pants
I aint got a problem huggn myself cause shes my queen
Half the time I spoil her half the time im try'na to get her out of jeans
Z-ro still a gansta he never been a romantic
He spent most of this time semi &fully automatic
But my baby be givin me reason to leave the streets So
Instead of me shootn up the block imma take baby out to eat cus she my,

(chorus) baby girl. used to the wrong woman now i got my own woman she so good to me she gotta be my baby girl.
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