by Attila

Unforgivable, your life is meaningless you motherfucker
How does it feel to be alone for a lifetime?
Forced to eternal damnation and guilt in your own mind.
This went on for way too long but nobody here had the balls to confront you
you'll always get what you deserve,
so sit down bitch and know that you've been served
Stay awake and reflect on this, keep toss and turnin
Fuck you
Watch me sit here and think about trying
some kind of post-life abortion
How should I execute my feelings of hatred towards you,
Soon enough we will both have answers,
Don't get excited, Ha.
I prefer another form of torture watch your conscious suffer,
Let the silence hurt your soul and I will laugh
You're sitting here begging and I'm just like....
I don't give a fuck about you
So shut up
Do you fucking understand?
Try to forget it but I left scars and they are everlasting
Try to forget it but I won't leave your head and I'm afraid you'll suffer worse If I just
execute as planned
I leave your mind to take the hit as
Punishment for all the shit you said and all the people you hurt in life, you're fucked.
Lyrics submitted by Tucker Nations.