Callin' my river to let her know
I'm a be on my way
Missin' how the river flow even
Though it's only been a couple of days
Cause it be raining and Complaining you
Got that water made for drinking (up)
Baby if I drown tonight it's all worth it for you
I don't need no rescue

I'm a hold my breath until you feel it in you chest
When I go
I ain't coming up until you screamin' I give up
When I go
You be making waves, my ship's here to stay
I got what it takes to swim up in it all day
I want you to shake and that'll tell me it was great
When I go

Girl relax captain can handle that
I'm a take this cruise real slow
Heading to Paradise
Close your eyes all you gotta do it let it go
When your body flow it's a body show
And I can't stop until it's spilling over.
It's a sight to see when it's calling me
Telling me your bodies getting closer


I'm jumping in
No lifesaver don't know
When I'm coming up
Deep sea diving in your treasure
I'm giving you all this pleasure

Oh girl I'm so into you
So deep I don't know what to do
Just let the water flow till the tidal wave
Washes us a shore


Yeah yeah yeah
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written by Babbs, Durrell / Dixon, Antonio / Cooper, Marcus Pleasure / Bereal, Joseph / Newt, Robert / Franklin, Jerry / Jones, Thai / Stephens, Kristina
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