Umbrella Song
by Donny Osmond

On the poor side of town
Lives a girl no one knows
With her worn out shoes
And her ragged clothes
Her mother tries to provide
Since her father has died
But no one even cares that she's alive.

And when the rain comes down she's never gettin' wet
And though the skies are gray she'll still be smilin' yet
'Cause in her eyes there's no teardrops
In her heart there's no pain
She's got her love as an umbrella from the rain
Oh, her love is an umbrella from the rain.

On the rich side of town
Lives a boy no one knows
In his shiny shoes
And his fancy clothes
He's got everything he needs
If we wants to succeed
But no one even cares that he's alive.

Chorus (substituting he and his)

Isn't life really strange
And money can't buy
All you need to get by
All around the world
There are folks no one knows
With their worn out shoes
And their fancy clothes
Will they find what they're lookin' for
And open the door
To know that someone cares that they're alive.

Chorus (substituting we and our)
Lyrics submitted by Sarah.