U Saved Me [Radio Edit]
by R. Kelly

Intro: True Stories (what) Miracles (What) True Blessing (What )

I was riding in my car one day, in the express lane, rolling on the freeway
And suddenly the phone rings, then I reached down beside me
Then I looked on the floor felt on the back seat
See I was drinking while I was driving.
Never thinking, ( bout), what I was doing
I turned around and before I knew it here comes this truck now.
The doctor said "I dont think he isn't gonna to make it."
Family said "Make the funeral arrangements."
Unplug the machine hes gone now, then told my wife to be strong now
Then a small voice said unto me "If you promise to stop drinking,..."
I surrendered on that day.
Now for ten years Ive been straight
((Chorus)) You saved me,(whoa) You saved me,(whoa) You saved me, you saved me (Thank you Jesus)
Gave me a second chance, you saved me, you saved me (Thank You Jesus)( Repeat 2 more times)
((verse 2))
Now Ive been sitting in this chair, waiting on the phone to ring
Praying up to God, that someone would call me with a job opening
Cause its been so hard for me month to month struggling to eat
But still there was no answer(no answer)
I stop believing in his word and got so mad at him and when somebody say Gods good Id just laugh at him (oh yeah)
But in the nick of time his blessings rained on me by his grace the phone rings a lady says were hiring and thats when I knew he ,,,,
((verse 3))
I was 18 out there on the block selling drugs, with a gun at my waist
And for people I had no love
See the streets was my home and family and friends were gone had no one to trust and deep inside I was all alone
And then a deal went bad one day and it was enough to pause me
I was shot four times and before I knew it I was on my knees
Blood rushing out my body, my hearts beating fast, I dont know Imma do dont think Im gonna last then I began to flash back on the things Ive done in my past
Then a very small voice said unto me Ill give you peace if you believe
I accepted Christ that day hallelujah now Im free!!!
((verse 4))
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