Two Good Reasons
by John Gorka

I once said I knew
But I don't know no more
What once was strong and true
Is now just stiff and sore
Maybe it's a phase I'm going through
Still I'd like to face this phase with you

If there's love in your heart
At least you've got one way to feel alive
If there's love in your heart
Then I count two good reasons to survive

When true love isn't perfect
Still it's kind to you
It may not be the kind of love
That sees you through
It could seize you in the middle of a night
Squeeze you when you hold somebody tight


She said the roughest is the middle place
You don't know where you stand
Only you've got no grace
You've got no grace(2X)

If you cannot undo it then the knot is tied
If love can't be your lover it can be your guide
But you need to pay attention to the signs
You do not need to stay between the lines

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