by Lil Wayne

(Lil Wayne)
Yea Yea C3
yea New Orleans baby da street call Eagle
and everybody ill yea illegal
people steal cars,we steal people
we eat like Dogz but we still people
and even when u lost trouble still see u
and even if u dead broke we r still equal
1 time 4 da little people
eat ur meal dnt let ur meal eat you
Street runnin me crazy with this 1
and just the other day my nigga chris killed himself
I pray 2 God i never fill da way he felt
Where do we go when there no help
he figured heaven so he went left
Ya know dat aint right
Plus he was high as a plane on that same night
Shit I probably had that same flight
Shit I probably had that same fight I just kept swinging
12th round coming bell ringing
Introduce 2 da game when i just a child
Mommy ...drug dealer straight quit her job
They took his life and along with him I died...and she died...we died
then came my daughter so my bedside and told me daddy dnt cry im alive
i look her in the eyes and see me with no sins but this is how the note end
(POlice sirens)
......YOU KNOW....Just kickin back......I cant call it......You know
yea yea the ??? poke out the jeans the coat smell like a bunch of coffee beans
You know I mean and everything aint what it seems you know I mean
Dont play that game without your team
Kill 4 my bread,Kill 4 my G,Kill 4 my Cream,I would have that red beam on high beam
Now I hear Sirens..Wait i think i see 1 behind me i aint trippin baby money got me
Uh and Fuck the Police Fuck the fedz 2
I aint jumpin in that jumpsuit
1 2 i'm on my 1 2
Check me out i fuck around and check you respect Due
Pay yours niggaz mine under my seat by my feat Where yours nigga?
2 much Horse nigga huh? 2 much pressure 2 much force 2 much money you never heard that before. and we stop the snitchez at the door
cut the tail off the rat he wont rat no more
That right get trap fucking with my Gz keep shootin till i burn my sleeves nigga
please these boys iz Gs represent New Orleans like ????
what you know about it we more than thieves steal from the rich so the poor can eat
niggaz act up my niggaz act according HI Solider dont war with me
YOU Dont want it
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