Trapped in the Closet Chapter 1
by R. Kelly

Seven O' clock in the morning
and the rise from the sun
wakes me up
Stretching and yawning
in a Bed that don't belong to ME
Then a voice yells good morning darling
from the bathroom
then she comes out and kisses me
and to my surprise she ain't you
Now i got this dumb look on my face
Like what have i DONE...
How could i be so stupid
to be have layed here to the morning sun
Must have lost track on time
OO what was on my mind
From the club, went to her home
didn't plan to stay there long
here i am quickly tryin to put on my cloths
Searching for my car keys
trying to get up on out the door
she stretched her hands in front of it
said you can't go this way
look at her like she was crazy
Said women move out my way
Said i got a wife at home
She said please don't go out there
Lady I've got to get home
She said her husband was coming up the stairs
shhh, shhh. Quite
Hurry up and get in the closet
She said, Don't you make a sound
or some shyt is going down
I said why don't i just go out the window
Yes except for one thing were on the fifth floor
Shit, think, shit ,think shit
quick put me in the closet
And now I'm in this dark ass closet
trying to figure out
How I'm gonna get my crazy ass up out this house
Then He walks in and yells I'm home
She says Honey I'm in the room
He walks in there with a smile on his face
saying honey I've been missing you
She hops all over him
and says I've cooked and ran your bath water
Telling you now this girl so good
that she deserves an Oscar
Throw her in the bed and start to snatching her cloths off
I'm in the closet like man what the F@&* is going on
Your not gonna believe it
but things get deeper as the story goes on
Next thing you know, a call comes through on my cell phone
I tried my best to quickly put it on vibrate
But from the way he act i could tell it was to late
He hopped up and said there a mystery going on
and i'm gonna solve it
and I'm like god man please don't let this man open this closet
He walks in the bathroom
And looks behind the door
she says baby come back to bed
and He says B*&^%H say know more..
He pulls back the shower curtain
while she biting her nails
Then he walks back to the room
Right now I'm sweating like hell
Check under the bed
then opens the dresser
He looks at the closet
I pull out my Beretta
He walks up to the closet
gets close up to the closet
now he's at the closet
now He's opening the closet
Lyrics submitted by Britt.