Too Much for One Heart [From Miss Saigon]
by Lea Salonga

Outside there is a war,
in here the night is still.
the jasmine buds have bloomed,
the way the jasmine will.

And i have given birth to a speckle of dust,
to a sparkle of light
to a small hint of life.

Frail as a flower in the morning
is this tiny work of art
when i see his face before me
this is too much for one heart

Here like a seedling in the garden
is a world about to start
how i need you here to share it
this is too much for one heart

yours, half of all of this is yours
and i swear it on the moon

Soon you will see, the best of you and me
in the smile that is shining
on the face of your son
all alone in my arms i hold such beauty

I want time to stop right here
make perfection last forever
in which i could disappear, disappear.

Yours, half of all of this is yours
and now i feel you coming near
here, you will see the best of you and me
for life stories combining
in this life weve begun

I have been living with such wonder
that my soul could burst apart,
knowing soon well be together
and its too much for one heart.
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