Tired of Sex
by Weezer

I'm tired, so tired
I'm tired of having sex (so tired)
I'm spread, so thin
I don't know who I am (I am)

Monday night I'm makin' Jen
Tuesday night I'm makin' Gwen
Wednesday night I'm makin' Kathrine
Oh, why can't I be makin' love come true

Yeah! Yeah!

I'm beat, beat red
Ashamed of what I said (I said)
Oh, I'm sorry, here I go
I know I'm a sinner but I can't say no (say no)

Oh, Thursday night I'm makin' Denise
Friday night I'm makin' Sharise
Saturday night I'm makin' her weep
So, why can't I be makin' love come true

Tonight I'm down on my knees
Tonight I'm beggin' you please
Tonight, Tonight
Please so why can't I be makin'
Love Come True
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