the newest addition to dans saga of puss moistening vocals

i wanted love
i needed love
most of all
most of all
someone said true love was dead
and i was bound to fall
bound to fall

for you

oh what can i do

take my badge
but my heart remains
lovin you
baby child

tighten up
on your reighns
your runnin wild
runnin wild

its true

sick for days
so many ways
im achin now
im achin now

its times like theses
i need relief
please show me how
oh show me how

to get right
yes out of sight

when i was young
and movin fast
nothin slowed me down
oh, slowed me down

now i let
the others pass
i come around
oh come around

cus ive found

livin just to keep goin
goin just to be sane
all the while i know

its such a shame
i dont need to get steady
i know just how i feel
tellin you to be ready

my dear

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