by Webbie

Muthaf**kin savage, trill e-n-t nigga, webbie u all ready know what time it is with me mane, I'm f**kin gangsta nigga, Fashow turn dat bass nigga... look

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Lil Phat]
Trill Fam thugged out u can catch me blowin doe doe, do my thang with mouse and shell den I'm probably in that 4door, ducked off with cha gal gettin brain in that 4 door, good thang got big money but I'm aimin 4 moe doe, thank I'm a stop thuggin in these streets that's a no no, before u try 2 knock me I'm a hit cha with that 44, I've thuggin since a lil bitty nigga but I just grew up, break tha rule I got dat tool man don't let them haterz fool ya

[Verse 4: Shell]
I been smokin I been drankin ain't no tellin what I'm holdin, I don't know where tha f**k I'm at but I do know that I'm rollin, I be rappin I be thuggin
If it's beef shit den we bussin, and anybody can get it whodi dat's how we comin, when u rappin and you rollin and youjiggin out tha pots, if you thuggin den play it bust ya shoestring off ya top,
You gotta play it how it go, walk how u talk it, shell bo thuggin keep it gangsta from tha struggle to tha cost.

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