Thrill Is Gone
by Baby Bash

oooh i wish it could be like it used to (used to used to)
i wish i could be like it used to used to used to
baby after all of that i dont think im coming back
im coming back to what you do you do you do
things aint like they used to be baby girl your losing me

well now the thrill is long gone your feeling this all wrong
got me feeling uncomfortable all in my own home
making ringtone songs deleted from my phone
and damn i used to love that song when it came on
i know this aint bottom or company
its just you know and i know that we dont belong together no more
and even tho the memories still make me wanna believe
the facts i gotta face them its over its history cause you know we got an agreement
and i dont wanna decieve well i dont get it twisted so baby i gotta leave


the thrill is gone x8

well now i wish there was a way i could turn back the clock
when the lovin was so hot good till the last drop
and i wish there was a way i could rewind the time
wait before the tears and the years on the grind
and you be looking at me crazy every time you hear my phone ring
used to get along betterback then when we was homies used to keep it low key
and we be riding lovely and we talk about anything and every single subject
so now i think its better if we both just keep it moving
i wont tripp off you if you dont tripp off what im doing
and baby this aint nothing like it used to be i think you just got alittle used to me

2x repeat

the thrill is gone 8x

repeat well now i wish..

2x i dont wanna say it but you know what im thinking
well we should be apart and now its over


thrill is gone 8x
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