This Valley Is for Me
by The McKameys

As I look down this mountainside, I don't know where this road goes
The shepherd is leading me to a place where I can grow
Though it seems to be a trying test I have no doubt He knows what's best
It just might be a place of perfect rest: this valley is for me

This valley is for me: the waters have been made so sweet
A pleasant rest for my weary feet, this valley is for me
A far cry from the mountain scene, the grass here has been made so green
My Shepherd chose this route so I can say without a doubt
This valley is for me

Standing here beside still waters, I know why I am here today
This place of restoration will strengthen me along the way
Through the valley I can feel His presence here is oh-so-real
And now I know it was his perfect will: This valley is for me.
Lyrics submitted by Sarah.