Things That Matter
by Rascal Flatts

Sometimes he lets that boss get in his head
He can't see past that mountain of deadlines on his desk
Five o'clock he's the last one out of the gate
And he gets cut off, flipped off, ticked off
Out on the interstate
And he wonders why this world won't leave him alone
Til he hears that little voice holler, "Daddy's home"
Things that matter, things that don't

She's held on to that grudge all her life
Thirty years of anger since her dad walked out that night
She thinks of all the moments that he's missed
All the birthdays, ballets, first dates
It seems too much to forget
She gets that called that said he don't have long
She walks in, he starts cryin, the past is gone
Things that mater, things that don't

Time ain't on our side
Don't wanna leave this world with "Why didn't I"
Why didn't I
Yeah, why didn't I

Sometimes I take on this world by myself
Thinkin I got all the answers
Don't need anybodys help
God was right there waiting for me all along
To fall down on my knees, surrender all
Things that matter, Things that don't
Things that matter, Things that don't
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