The Calm
by Drake

[Verse 1]
I’m just so far gone
October’s own
Please leave me alone
Drunk off champagne
Screaming in the phone
See my house is not a home
Fuck is going on
Where did we go wrong
Where do we belong
Caught up in the game
And its one I can’t post pone
Meaning if it rains
I’m the one its raining on
With my diamond chain’s on
Still nothing setting stone
Women borrow sweaters
That I spray with my cologne
And tell me don’t forget them
And I promise that I won’t
Feeling so distant from everyone I’ve known
To make everybody happy
I think I would need a clone
Places we get flown
Parties that we’ve thrown
I done more for this city
Than these rappers that have blown
Its only been 3 years
Look at how I’ve grown
I’m just in my zone
I call this shit the calm


But I’m the furthest thing from calm
Dedicated to my mom
And I swear my word is bond
Everything will be okay
And it wont even take that long
You can see it in my face
Even read it on my palm
Leader of the new school
Its proven and its known
I’m sittin’ in a chair
But in the future, it’s a throne
I know you like to worry
It’d be better if you don’t

You know…
Everything gone be all right
I promise
I apologize to you know
Put y’all in this position
40 Mama always say
Don’t ask permission, just ask forgiveness you know
So uhh
Forgive me

[Verse 2]
And life is so insane
Look what I became
Tryna make a name
All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a vantage you can gain
They love it when you smile
Unaware that it’s a strain
It’s a curse you gotta live with
When you’re born to entertain
Women need attention therefore women will complain
Develop hatred for men and say you’re the one to blame
Tryna enjoy myself with Terrence in Miami at the game
I just wish he knew how much it really weighed like Dwayne
It’s a weight that’s on my chest
Who ever spottin’ me is playin’
So I’m liftin’ all alone
Trynin’ not to get a sprain
Hopin’ Western Junior doin’ currency exchange

Cuz my dad called
It got me feeling guilty and ashamed
I had a rolls and I went and got a range
And he payin’ for his cigarettes
With some dollars and some change
And I can only feel his pain
Cuz in Memphis, Tennessee
There is only so much to attain
So I’m fillin’ out the form at the counter once again
He say he love me
I just hope he doesn’t say that shit in vain
I’m why your girls heart is in a slain
Call me Heartbreak Drake
I’m the hardest one to tame
As a man, I’m just honest
As an artist, I’m a king
With my own set of problems
That be sittin’ on my brain
And see this is the thang
What they viewin’ as braggin’
Is the way that I maintain
The shit I write
While starin’ out the window of a plane
Is the single handed reason I remain


I said I call this shit the calm
But I’m the furthest thing from calm
That’s why I’m putting on
They always wanna ask what type of act that you putting on
Like…. Damn
Lyrics submitted by Marjorie.