That Old-Time Preacher Man
by Bill Gaither

Well I went down town to the big camp meeting
But it was most for to see the sights.
But I got such a hearty greeting
That I went back every night…
They had an old time Gospel preacher
From the Good Book he solemnly read
But when he starting preaching about soul salvation
You oughta heard the things he said…


You oughta heard him, when he preached the blessed holy word…
You oughta heard him, such preachin, you have never heard
Well he looked the congregation right straight in the face
And then he started preachin about the saving grace..
He preached about an hour about the sermon on the mount.
And when he ended up, he had the devil on the route…
You oughta heard him, that old time preacher man..

He left three songs for the congregation and knelt in a word of prayer
He turned to Chapter 5 in Matthew and he took his stairs from there...
He preached the real old time salvation and he certainly proved himself
For after he extended the invitation, there wasn’t many sinners left…

Chorus… (2x)
Lyrics submitted by Brian McDermott.