Ted, Just Admit It... [#][Demo Version]
by Jane's Addiction

Camera got them images
Camera got them all
Nothing's shocking
Showed me everybody
Naked and disfigured
Nothing's shocking
And then he came
Now sister's
Not a virgin anymore
Her sex is violent

The t.v.'s got them images
T.v.'s got them all
It's not shocking!
Every half an hour
Someone's captured and
The cop moves them along
It's just like the show before
The news is
Just another show
With sex and violence

Sex is violent [Repeats]

I am the killer of people
You look like a meatball
I'll throw away your toothpick
And ask for your giveness

Because of this thing!
Because of this thing!
Because of this thing!

That's in me
Is it not in you?
Is it not your problem?

A baby to a mother
You talk too much
To your scapegoat

That's what I say
He tells you everyone is stupid
That's what he thinks!

Make a girl look cheap
Like a tongue extended
A baby's to a mother

Sex is violent! [Repeats]
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written by Avery, Eric Adam / Perkins, Stephen / Navarro, David / Farrell, Perry
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group