Technicolor Phase
by Owl City

I am the red in a rose,the flowers
on the blankets on your bedroom floor,
and I am the grey in the ghost that hides
with your clothes behind your closet door.

I am the green in the grass that bends back
from underneath your feet,
and I am the blue in your back alley view
where the herizon and the the roof tops meet
If you cut me I suppose I would bleed,
the colors of the evening stars,
you can go anywhere you wish
'cuz i'll be there wherever you are,
[where ever you are x2]

[I will always be the keys
when we are lost in the technicolor phase]

I am the black in the book
the letters on the pages that you memorize,
I am the orange in the overcast
the color that you visualize,

I am the white in the walls that soak
up all the sound when you cannot sleep,
and I am the peach in the starfish on the beach
that wish the the harbor wasn't quite so deep

If you cut me i suppose i would bleed, the colors
of the evening stars [my darling]
you can go anywhere you wish, 'cuz I'll b there
wherever you are. [my darling]
Lyrics submitted by Rebekka.