Tears Of Joy
by Verse Simmonds

Chills goin' up your spine,
sweat comin' down your back,
love it when your bitin' your lip,
tell me that your lovin' this shit,
hold on baby, hold on tight,
i just wanna make you feel, alright,

She gettin' all emotional,
but that's what it's supposed to do,
don't it feel so good,
nah nah nah nah,
baby once the rain starts fallin' down,
drip dripin' wet, baby let it come down (x2)
your tears of joy,
tears of joy (x3)
runnin down your face (x2)

We keep loosin' track of our time,
ridin' to the top of cloud 9,
kissin' every inch of yo' skin,
knock knockin' baby let me in,
oh no the neighbors
Lyrics submitted by Sonya Altricka.