I paid first and last month's rent, I wondered why I even carried in that old bed of mine
It's not like I ever sleep
All I do is think of her, and wonder how i'm gonna make things work
Cause I know as a dad I got a lot of responsibility
And even though God gave this gift to the both of us
Some how every other weekend is how it ended up

So when the telephone rings, I drop everything
Cause when all you got is that 8 o'clock, nite nite dad i miss you a lot
I stop in my tracks, and I try to act strong when she calls
And I thank God she can't hear tears...when they fall

Now it's her Dr. Seuss and me,she's learning how to read
And I can't see those pictures, but I can hear those pages turn
And her mama says it bathtime, so she blows a kiss through the line
I don't know whats worse saying goodbye, or talking to her
Cause i'm the one that should be there tucking her in the bed
But since her voice is all I have i'm thankful for what I get

(Repeat Chorus)

If she knew I was crying she might think it's her fault, oh but that's just me missing her
Everytime we talk....everytime we talk

(Repeat Chorus)
Lyrics submitted by Caitlin.