This is my time, this is my tale
I can see clearly now, this is not a place for playing solitaire
Tell me where you want me, this is my time,
this is my tale, coming on strong,
Baudelaire, seems to me like all the world gets hot when you take a dare
Let it rise before you, this is my crime
All in all im
Loving every rise and fall
The sun will make and I will take
Breath to be sure of this
In the end
All will be forgiven when
Surrender rises high and i
Gave what I came to give
Say it now because you never know

Devil may cry devil may care
Distillers got a scream
And now I know just why
When shes movin air
Can you feel the voltage
This is my time
California skies
Got room to spare
This is my time


Take it outside
Take it out there
Seems to me like
All the world gets high
When you take a dare
In the final moment
This is my time
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