Talk About Dying
by The Inspirations

Verse 1
Now as long as I shall live down here
I have nothing to dread or fear
For I have Jesus walking closely by my side

I don't worry about tomorrow
Or if I might leave this world
For I know where I'm going when I die

Talk about dying ( that's my very last trial)
Jordan ( that's my very last river)
Zion ( that's the last old mountain that I'll never gonna have to climb)
Talk about Heaven ( my home eternal)
Jesus ( my savior supurno )
Glory ( that's where I live forever more)

Verse 2
I see Lazarus at the gate
For Something he had to wait
He had nothing but Jesus to claim

But when death came to get him
A band of angels carried him away
If you could of been there
We might have heard him say

Lyrics submitted by Emory Pernell.