Take Me as I Am
by Lecrae

Christ through faith
Talked to a cat the other day. Said he wanna come to Christ but he gotta clean up his sins first. Said I used think the same too. Thought I had to change my life before I came to Christ But Christ changed me. Let me tell you my story. It starts like this

Verse 1
Its 5:46 in the morning, tossing and turning chest burning stories in my head keep recurring
Having visions in my head of a kid crying at the feet of the father for all the wrong things that he did
Now I’m sweating in my sheets can’t sleep
My mind keeps Telling me I’m six feet deep (dont remind me)
Even though I ’m still alive I can tell
the way I’m living my life I feel I’m going to hell
God their telling me I should accept you
That u had to leave the world cause the world left you
Reasons I can’t change like a mystery to me
So I make believe there really is a heaven for a ‘G’
Even though you loved the world so much you shed your blood
God I feel like I’m too messed up for love
They tell me come as I am but I smell like smoke
My whole life’s full of sin cause it’s all I’ve known
The bible told me that you died you died for my sins
If I believe in Christ to save me from the end ,
But I’m scared to ask you to save me
My hearts so evil,
I got thoughts full of hatred, hurting people
I thought first I had to clean up my life
Now I’m hearing I just need to cling to the light
I’m ready to do it but Lord I pray you understand my life is a mess,
Will u take me as I am?

Will you take me as I am
I know the way I’m living is wrong
But I can’t change on my own try to make it alone,
I wonder how could you love me when my life’s so ugly
But you came down and died for me

Verse 2
I am what my daddy never taught me to be
I’m grown up now life ain’t what I thought it would be
I made many mistakes in my past i can’t fix
Now I’m staring at this crucifix tattered on my wrist
Is it true what they’re telling me
Or am i just crazy
Did you bleed on the cross for my sins to save me
But why would you die for me
My whole life I’ve been working for Satan while he fed lies to me
And now I’m hearing too much,
Trying to get a true touch
Of a love that can change me
I’m all screwed up
Figure hell is what I deserve
But your word says we all fall short So I guess we all oughta burn
Teach me I wanna learn
How you can save a wretch like me before death says It’s my turn
And I think I finally understand no matter my past
You still take me as I am..


Verse 3
Had a few last words to give
I be telling people the reason to live
The reason to die
United with the king of the sky
This life is passing us by got no reason to lie
You never give the world enough they hunger for more
They figure their ways are nothing to the wondrous Lord
More security than that man who left you
More love than the mom who kept u
He’ll always accept you
Be everything you’re suppose to
Let Christ rule your heart, mind, body and soul cause he chose you
And if the world don’t know you
It don’t matter your God’s child and he’ll never disown you
Your purpose on earth is more than worthless
That’s why you glorify like your life’s been purchased
It don’t matter if the world don’t see us
We still mean the world to Jesus

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