Survivor (Destiny's Child Reunion) [DVD]
by Beyoncé

now that your out of my life im so much better
thought i would be weak without u but im stronger
thought i would be broke without u but im richer
thought i would be sad without u i laugh harder
thought that i wouldnt grow without u but im wiser
thought that i would be helpless without u but im smarter
thought that i would be stressed without u but chillin'
thought i wouldnt sell without u but we sold 9,000,000

chorus (2x)- im a survivor im not gon give up
im not gon stop what im gon work harder
im a survivor im gonna make it i will survive what keep on survivin

thought i couldnt breath without u im inhalin
thought i couldnt see without u perfect vision
thought i couldnt last without u but im lastin
thought that i would die with out u but im livin
thought that i would fail without u but im on top
thought it would be over by now but it wont stop
thought that i would self destruct but im still here
even in my years to come im still gon be here

wishin u the best pray that u r blessed
lots of stress no sleep and less of happiness im better than that
im not gon blast u on the radio im better than that
im not gonna lie to u or impale u im better than that
im not gon hale u in the magazine im better than that
im not gon run miles by christianity im better than that
u kno im not gon dish u on the internet cuz my mama taught me better than that



after all of the darkness and sadness
still comes happiness
if i surround myself with positive things
i can still prospect me

Lyrics submitted by janessa.