by 5ive

All I gotta do
Is get it through to you
You take my hand and let me lead you away
Same old words again
He just a friend
That's what you told me
But you're my one and only

If I tell you something now
I ask myself just how you came in to my world
Got to keep on loving you

So let the sun shine wherever you are
It really doesn't matter how long, how far
I took my time and realized
You're the only thing that matters now in my life

Just another song
While the beat goes on
You keep on moving and I'll bring you the groove
I guess it's just the way
Nothing left to say
Hard everyday
DJ take me away


Stop, look, check and listen
I freaks the funk that will keep you wishing
You're a superstar
No matter who you are

You gotta keep your dreams
Becos' they're never too far
Now can you see what I'm trying to do
Realize that what it's never too late now
Can you feel what I'm trying to say
Until the beat goes on and on until the break of dawn

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