Summer Again
by The Afters

I'm watching the green give into gold
As summer becomes October's cold
Gravity begs
For one final kiss
She drops it to him, as she gives in

Traces of light, linger around
As laces of white fall to the ground
The softest of sounds for the heaviest things
And the pain that it brings

As she falls I try to catch her
For one last touch of warmth from summer
As one thing leaves to becomes another again
I remember when

Don't remember the day, she started to fade
The ground felt a chill as she gave it away
A whisper - a sigh, for the time that she passed
But this winter won't last


Oh to be with summer again

The days were warm and we wore them like skin
Now I feel the effects of October again


Oh to be with summer again
Oh to be with summer again

I'm watching the green give in to gold
As summer becomes Octobers cold
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written by Muckala, Daniel John / Campany, Nate J / Wigg, Brad
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