Still Mo Money
by Gucci Mane

Verse 1:
Hot pumpin Hot Boy
I think i need a side jump
Dont hit me on my sidekick
Cuz i dont need that job charge
Fried turkey turkey,
Bakin eggs what yo wife cooked me
Fuck her in yo favorite chair,
Now she got some good pussy
Red pussy, throw that pussy
Get money high money
Shawty gettin good money
But they got a big dumbie
Dumb money, fun money,
Naw this aint young money
Signed with young Frenchie boys
Juice got his own money
So Icey ENT. gucci got his own company
Ball money , mall money, yall makin small money
Biten on our lyrics ,need to give us half yo show money
Blow money , Dro money, Dro money , Mo Money

Gucci Speakin:
Mo Money , Mo Money,Gucci Gucci ,Juice Mayne
Yall Niqqas aint gettin no money man
Im on my CEO shit right now mayne wat it do juiceman
You know we 60 thousand a weekend
Quarter a Month..Millon a Quarter thats crazy man
3 or 4 man kno wat i mean millions a year mayne
8 cars Bart chains 6 rings

Verse 2:
Im tha fuckin man
Walkin with a waddle, and we still poppin bottles man
3 chicks in the club , baby girl on my sex peddle
Not Mayweather,
But i wrote Keyshia a love letter
Dont you like my dougie baby ,baby shake yo booty meat
Man call nobody king ,niqqa im the king
Triple beam, fuck with murda, i am not a murderer
Niggas tried to merk me ,
Why im in the county for?
Shout out to my nigga Killer Mike ,for tht body rock
Take Gucci Mane chain imma make yo party stop
So Icey Biker Boyz, we can make yo party pump
I aint T-Pain dont try me with thay sissy stuff (NOOO, Sissy ass nigga)

Gucci Mane Speaks:
I am MR. P-E-R-F-E-C-T
I didnt good on my S-A-T..but i the P-A-I-D
So give off my these nuts,that is So Icey what it do man
I am Mr.Kangaroo pockets and i spring with american currency
So Icey Ice the S and S get off our mu fuckin dicks GUCCCI!!!

Verse 3 :
I love trap girls, i dont want no bust it baby
I dont have a bucket baby
Brauds get in my mercedes
Screens flip in my Hummer truck
Come ride in my Dooly baby
Pick you up in Viper Truck
So Hard that i threw tha caties
Thank God they didnt murder me
Next thing know , i knew the county
4-5 in my pocket skee
I dont wanna hurt nobody
See no evil , hear no evil ,late at night i see dead people
Drop top chevy scaring people, so i call it ms. creep creeper

Gucci Mane Speaks:
That Boy Hot , im steaming hot ,im Mr.Perfect
This the album Gucci Mane Mr. Perfect, A plusses on our report cards
All EA's on my progress reports this the album baby big shit poppin
Im talkin to ya like its a mixtape, imma treat this shit like a mixtape
Album shit man Juiceman next So Icey Boyz , its the Gucci
Lyrics submitted by Devonte.