Still in Love (Kissing You)
by Beyoncé

I'm so in love
I'm still in love

I've never been in love quite before,
until I saw your face.
And watching stars without you;
my soul cries.
My heaving heart
is full of pain.
When we're apart
i be aching.

I'm kissing you, oh
I'm kissing you oh.

Your my father, your my soldier,
you protect me, boy you save me,
your my best friend, your my husband,
you are my doctor, counselor, provider,
proffesor , my everything.

And i love you, i love you, i love you
yes i loveyou.
I..I need you, I need you, i need you, i can't live withou you.
I trust you, I trust you, with every ounce me.
Just teach, boy teach me, just take me.

When we make love
I can feel all your spirits deep inside me, yeah
baby your so pure.

I'm kissing you
forever and ever and ever.
I love kissing you, kissing you, kissing you.

And i love everything about you baby,
it's been so many years since we fell in love
you got something special baby
we can cry together, we can grow together,
be ourselves together.

And I love you more than music,
yes i love you more than music.
i rather be kissing you oh
I'm kissing you Whoah
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