Still Climbing Mountains
by Blue Highway

I really thought this time, it'd be an easy hill to climb
But nothing is as easy as it seems
Wish I could stand the heights, just enjoy the sights
But there's always someplace else I want to see

I've been up and down so many times who's counting
And even after coming down from you
I'm still climbing mountains

It's another Friday night, the city lights are bright
You'd think for once that I'd resist the call
It carries me away, but always fails to say
“Remember just how much it hurts to fall?”

Sometimes I wonder why I keep on trying
to fly away from what I really need
And I know I'll never make it back to heaven
Guess I'd stand a better chance if I had wings

I've been up and down so much now I've quit counting
And even after falling every time
I'm still climbing mountains
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